Cordy Elkins | Holey Walkamolies

Thank you for visiting my Wilderness Heals fundraising page!

I am very excited to be part of this year's event and I hope you will join me. The Elizabeth Stone House helps women and families who are victims of domestic abuse; without ESH these women would be helpless.  I cannot imagine not having the resources or support system to walk away from a situation that has you feeling unsafe in your own home.  I know that my own friends and family support of me has allowed me to take charge of my own life again and for that I will forever be grateful.  

This year, I am hiking with the Elizabeth Stone House so that I can help those who do not have the incredible resources I have. Most of ESH's funding comes from grants that are all very specific in what the money can be used for which can limit the help they can give.  The dollars raised by hikers are the only money ESH has that is discretionary - meaning it can be used for anything when needed.  From changing the locks on an apartment quickly saving a family from an abusive person or helping to buy a plane ticket to get someone home to their family back home. These dollars are incredibly important to helping people get their lives back on track!

Please help me help others who need a safe space, a supportive community, and a way out. Any amount you can give is so appreciated. Together we can help survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives.

Thank you!


Funds raised: $800 of $1,500

Thank you donors
Ryan & Lauren Murphy : $100
James Kelly : $100
Cordy Elkins : $50
Cordy Elkins : $250
Ali Demarkis : $200
Natixis Match : $50