Beth Barnes

Thank you so much for supporting me on the 3-day pledge hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  But much more importantly, thank you for supporting the amazing work done at the Elizabeth Stone House.

Homelessness is usually the result of terrible problems such as domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness.  The Stone House helps families and individuals break the vicious cycles that made them homeless, helping them to begin a brand new life – one that is safe, economically secure and happy.  I believe that everyone deserves these fundamental necessities.

Wilderness Heals is the Elizabeth Stone House’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  This is how they do it – by bringing together about 50 women who are willing to challenge themselves in the mountain wilderness.  But the most important people are the friends and family who support us and the Stone House with donations small and large.  Trust that your gift is truly helping.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Funds raised: $3,365 of $3,000

Thank you donors
S&P Global Match for Beth Barnes : $150
Emily Tabor : $25
Yay Aunt Beth! Yay Elizabeth Stone House!
Janet Jacobs : $100
Nancy Barnes : $75
Charles Sullivan on behalf of Susan Maycock : $250
Elizabeth Paden : $100
Have a great trip, Thank goodness I am not doing it. Glad to support you.
Iana Strominger : $50
Lauren Barnes : $150
I am always very proud of your commitment to the Elizabeth Stone House and this hike. And I will request a matching grant to double my amount!! Go Beth!
Mary Tiseo : $50
Michelle Ouellette : $50
Have a great hike!
Karen Angelosante : $200
With support & big {HUGS}, Karen, Joe, Sam, Natalie, Michael, MIa, Emma and Theodorable;-)
Anonymous : $50
Thank you, Beth, for hiking to support this great cause! Best, Shelly
Anonymous : $100
Way to go Beth! Happy hiking
Jamie Clegg : $75
Go Beth!
Renee Bryer : $50
Hope you have a terrific hike for a terrific cause, Beth!
Way to go, Beth!
Lucy Bunning : $100
Thank you for raising awareness and money for such an important cause. I can't wait to hear about the hike!
Pensri Pilotte : $50
Keep doing what you are doing Beth!
Brenda Krafft : $30
Ms. Patricia Gold : $60
Kathleen Lukens : $100
Best wishes from Aunt Peggy and Cousin Kathi
Alma Sykes : $200
Roanna Villaroman
Good luck Beth!
Mary Anne Janke : $25
Melissa Weiss : $75
So sad I can't be on the hike this year! Have a great time!
Richard Barnes : $50
Lots of expense hits this year, but this is a great thing to do Beth!
Diane O'Connell : $100
Have fun, Beth!
Thomas Schmeisser : $25
Keep up the good work Tom & Nancy
Alison Hynd : $50
Year six! You rock :-)
You go, Beth! Thanks for doing this.
Sonia Turek
Marion Pressley : $100
Susie White
Have a great hike for a great cause.
Penelope Cerino : $250
Thanks for your dedicated work and support, Beth.
Susan Keller : $50
Beth Barnes
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