Beth Grierson

I love Wilderness Heals because it supports the Elizabeth Stone House, which provides residential and non-residential programs to survivors of domestic violence and other forms of trauma. They offer services and programs that teach survivors the necessary life skills to regain control of their lives and rebuild their families. They provide a space where survivors can help and support each other. And they provide the children of survivors with them learn healthy boundaries; empowering them to break the cycle of violence. 

But this year, I love Wilderness Heals because as we slam face-first into empowered racism, sexism and a constant stream of bad news, it give us a way to fight back.  One small, sweaty, empowering step at a time.  And while it may take time to unseat the predator-in-chief - dollar by dollar, you can show people who've been preyed upon that we haven't given up, that we haven't given up on them. That abuse is not normal and not ok. And that we have their back.

Thank you. Thank you for your support. And thank you for making a difference.

Funds raised: $1,775 of $2,500

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Beth Grierson
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