Heather McSween

Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my Wilderness Heals fundraising page!

The July 2017 Wilderness Heals hike is over but it's not too late to donate in support of the Elizabeth Stone House! 

Located in Roxbury, MA, the Elizabeth Stone House helps homeless and at-risk survivors of domestic violence and related trauma achieve greater safety and stability.

The Stone House provides residential and community- based programs, as well as an emergency domestic violence shelter for those who are in immediate need. The Stone House helps families heal and individuals reclaim control over their lives. 

 Any donations made to my fundraising efforts will have a direct impact on a survivor to help them learn the skills necessary to reclaim control over their lives.  

I chose to participate in this hike as a way of giving back.   I was personally impacted by domestic violence and left an abusive relationship years ago after reaching a point where I knew I just could not continue to subject myself to his temper and control issues for one more second.  I want to support others in their journey so they are empowered to live their lives the way they want to.  

I hiked in honor of  the residents of the Stone House who will now have a voice because of the awareness brought about by Wilderness Heals.  I also hiked in remembrance of those who lost their lives this year due to domestic violence.  

 Any donation you make to my fundraising is greatly appreciated.  It will make a difference.   Thank you so very much!

Funds raised: $4,520 of $2,500

Thank you donors
Verizon Volunteer Match : $750
Glenn Boyson : $50
Bob Folk : $25
Kathleen McLean : $100
Go Heather! Glad to support you and this cause.
Michelle Price : $100
Thank You Heather for doing this! And for inspiring me to be a better person!
Rebecca Mooney : $25
Thank you on behalf of all the women you are helping, Heather. You are truly "walking the walk"!!!
Tracy Johnson
Maryellen Nee : $25
Great Cause! Thank you Heather!
Gina Manfredonia : $50
Ready to hike partner?
Jayne Lynch : $25
I am with you in spirit. I know you will appreciate every step of the journey and I am looking forward to seeing all of your photos and hearing the stories.
Nancy Barnes
Good Luck on your 3 day adventure. All of your creatures at home will certainly miss you!
Julie Lanza : $25
Patrick Gallagher : $200
Way to go Honey! I know you will do awesome and what a great cause to support.
Sandra Stacey : $25
Crazy wants to join you!!
Christina Perrotti : $75
Good luck with your hike
George Gallagher : $50
Have a great hike Heather!
Laura Rosengarten : $100
Hope you have great weather and take some nice pix
Julian Borrero
Heather, enjoy your hike and have fun! Post some FB pics (oh, I'm sure you will.)
Michelle Soucy : $100
Very impressive! Hoping for comfortable weather for you and your fellow hikers!
Anonymous : $100
Paula Kerwin : $50
Sandra Lemack
Heather you are my SHERO!!
Nicole Church Verizon Match : $50
Judith McSween : $50
Congratulations and best wishes on your participation in the hike to raise funds for the Elizabeth Stone House. Love Mum
Good going Heather, wear sensible shoes.
Nicole Downing : $50
Tricia Maraia : $50
Alanna Nelson : $50
Caroline Gan
Anne Keating
Nancy Donovin : $50
Pamela McHale
Jennifer Liu Verizon Matching Gift : $100
Verizon Matching Gift : $50
Kevin Murphy : $50
Linda Thompson : $50
Carol Morrissey : $100
Linda Wade : $100
I am happy to donate Heather!
dennis mccarthy
Where the heck are you hiking?
Niharika Shukla : $60
What a worthy cause, we women need to stand up and support each other in everything we do. Together we are stronger.
Cindy Campbell : $50
Way to go! So proud of you for doing this!
Carol Rosseland : $50
Lisa Mack : $25
Kerri Valentino : $25
Johnna Iannibelli : $35
Kate Kiefer Lee : $50
Linda Abbott : $35
Cori Poirier : $50
Jennifer Liu : $100
Robert Kilday : $50
Anonymous : $50
Joseph Cambria : $50
Kim Hearst : $50
Anonymous : $100
Robert Small : $35
De Keimach : $35
David Valade : $125
Anonymous : $35
Jonathan Yezerski : $35
Nicole Church : $50
Connie Ferreira : $35
Mary McNiff : $50
Christine Boulter : $35
Janice McSween : $100
Kathleen Murphy : $35
Heather McSween
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