Sarah Kacevich

Hello! I am thrilled to be hiking the Wilderness Heals pledge hike for the 3rd year in a row to benefit the Elizabeth Stone House in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood on July 14-16 in the White Mountains. Thank you for visiting my page and considering a donation to support our work! The Elizabeth Stone House provides support and services to women and families experiencing domestic violence and related challenges like homelessness, substance use, and mental health issues. I will be training for and completing the 3-day hike in order to raise at least $1,500 for ESH, with your support, by September 14, 2017.

Click here to watch a great overview video of what the Stone House does:

As I've gotten to know ESH over the past few years, I have become more and more inspired by their innovative model that empowers clients to take control of their own lives. I have also been quite inspired by all of the support that I've received from friends, family, and colleagues who have supported my fundraising efforts for ESH, whether through a gift or just positive energy. That's why this year, I've stepped up to become a Team Leader for Wilderness Heals for the first time! (More on what being a Team Leader means below.)

Now, more than ever, the services that support ESH clients are critical. ESH is located very close to where I live and work. Working in the nonprofit sector myself, with a mentoring program for young girls, I often think about how ESH clients could easily be the mothers, aunts, or older sisters of girls that I know. But they could also be the mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, and neighbors of you or someone you know. Domestic violence and its counterparts, unfortunately, are incredibly common. That's why giving just a small amount of money can truly go far here. Wilderness Heals raises critical unrestricted funds for ESH. While most grants that they receive are required to be spent on one specific thing or another, Wilderness Heals funds can be spent as staff see fit, and where they're needed most. Most WH funding goes toward childcare and parenting education provided through the Family Center. Here's what your support can do...

$50 provides an individual with safe shelter for one night.

$100 gives a family in need one home visit and follow-up time to arrange services.

$150 gets an individual in shelter linens, blankets and a mattress cover.

$250 provides an individual with one month of scheduled service coordination and counseling on education, housing and employment.

$500 supplies all shelter residents with toiletries and personal hygiene supplies for one year.

$1000 covers the cost of a one-day family outing for 20 Stone House residents.

So, what will I be up to as a team leader? So far, I've received training through the Elizabeth Stone House, spent a weekend getting Wilderness First Aid certified, and will soon be leading hikers on training hikes in the White Mountains to prepare us all for the big 3-day hike in July. It's an honor to lead other women through an experience that has taught me so much!

THANK YOU again for considering supporting me. I look forward to keeping you updated on my progress this spring and summer!



Funds raised: $1,515 of $1,500

Thank you donors
Sarah Kacevich : $100
Maria DiChiappari : $25
Congrats, Sarah! You are an inspiration!
April Ropes : $25
Regina Byrnes : $25
wonderful job Sarah - your caring spirit is to be admired!
Great Job on the hike!!
Anonymous : $50
Gloria Arbelaez Borecki
Chris Bassett : $100
Have a great hike!
Caitlin Thornbrugh
Jennifer Muse : $30
Elaine Brock : $50
Almeieo & Martha Serna : $40
Love you and have a great and safe hike.
Joseph Laws : $50
Claudia Janusko
Mike & Claudia Janusko
Lys Swan Sedgman
Wishing you another successful hike for this very worthy cause, Sarah!
Keeley Conte : $25
Melissa Sonntag
Sounds incredible! Would love to get involved in the future. Have an amazing time and learn lots!
WFA Training : $25
Tracy Duffy Natixis Match : $50
Leah Goldberg
Way to go, Sarah! You rock!!
Joe and Patty Kacevich
So proud of you, Sarah!
Kathleen Pellegrino : $50
Susan Caron
Judy Dworin : $75
Keep up the really terrific work! So glad to be part of the team. xoxo
Emma Gohlke : $25
You're the best!
Darcie Bernier : $25
Congrats on becoming a Team Leader!! :) <3
laura lockwood
Siiri Morley : $100
So glad to support you again, Sarah! I admire your commitment to supporting other women with this incredible hike. Good luck!
Kathlin Hagedorn
Go Sarah!!!!!
Anonymous : $50
Shawna Berk : $25
You're a ROCKstar!
Sarah Kacevich
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